Issy Stark (ias) wrote in novemberbabies,
Issy Stark


And still no sign of this little one wanting to come out...

I've been offered a membrane sweep on Wednesday (41w1d) but I will refuse as unless I'm ready to go anyway it is unlikely to help. However I would like an internal just to find out what my cervix is up to.

The policy in the local NHS Trust is to induce at 40+12 (41w5d) but again I don't want to do this. If I get to that far along and refuse induction, they will do another u/s to check the fluid levels and the placenta and then I'll have twice weekly fetal heartrate monitoring sessions to check everything is okay. Obviously if anything shows up that the garklet is having problems then I'll do whatever necessary to him/her out quickly. Most women pop by 40+16 (42w2d) and I know that my family tend to go long anyway, so I'm not worried. However I am finding it frustrating having to wait to see the little one, not to mention keeping myself busy at home with things that don't completely tire me out ;)

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