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this is one of my favorite pictures of us..

mommy and jaxen mommy and jaxen

this is this year:

31oct2007 31oct2007
jaxen and mommy

I know that you are impressed with my wardrobe variation..

Jaxen turned 1yr on 29sept, he will be a year adjusted on 18nov. He is about 18.7 lbs now and 28 1/2 in, he is tiny. lol. but he is over 6 times bigger than when he was born
He is not walking yet, but will stand on his own and play with toys while not holding on. He cruises like a mad man. lol.
He started eating solids on a regular basis at about 8mths, but still breast feeds a lot. He got his bottom 2 teeth just a couple months ago and is working on one on the top. not one of the middle ones, the one to the right of them. He is not really talking, he says a few words, babbles a lot, and is signing a few words which we have found cuts down on a lot of frustration as he can communicate what he needs without having to talk.
Ke will kiss on command, he loves to brush his teeth and his own hair. He will wave bye. He points and babbles at things he wants and he loves to dance. LOL.

I am sure there are more things, I just cannot think of them now.
I have some videos of him on youtube if you are interested..
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