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Issy Stark

Update at 41w6d

So went to the hospital this morning for 11.15 as arranged. Had BP taken (slightly higher than normal throughout the pregnancy but nothing major), urine sample and then saw a Senior House Office who was very keen that I be induced. I gave my reasons, made it clear I'd read the literature and that of course, if there were any contraindications for the baby's health, I'd do whatever was needed to ensure the baby was born healthy. The SHO even said, in reply to me saying I would prefer to put off induction as long as possible as it has more chance of success with a cascade of intervention the nearer I am to spontaneous labour, that if I hadn't gone naturally by now I would not go naturally. What????!!!! So here is an obstetrician trying to tell me that women do not give birth naturally past 41w6d. Unbelievable.

I stupidly mentioned I wanted to go to 40+16 as most women will deliver by then, so the SHO has booked my induction for then. That's not quite what I meant, but I doubt I was going to win that argument as she seems to think the risk of stillbirth is so high leaving it any later. I could have quoted the NICE guidelines at her, but there comes a time when it might just be easier to give in. Besides now the garklet has firm and unmoveable deadline to be out by.

The SHO did an internal and a membrane sweep which didn't hurt at all, unlike last Wednesday's internal. Looking at my notes I have discovered that I am 1cm dilated. W00t! This is an improvement on last Wednesday when I wasn't dilated at all.

Anyway, had u/s scan for fetal well-being. Garklet looks good and measures at or just above the 50th percentile for everything except leg length where it is in the 95th percentile. That's even up from the 20 week scan. Fluid levels are normal and estimated weight (although take this with a pinch of salt) is 4.1kg.

Also had to go to the Day Unit on the Labour Ward to be monitored. The midwife was completely happy with me, so much so she didn't even want to see a doctor about me before signing me off for the day. She took 3 BP readings - all of which were lower than the last (presumably because the stress of having to argue my corner had gone and the midwives are more accepting of healthy pregnancies running their course). Garklet's heartbeat was recorded and I also had a button to press whenever I felt a movement. I was also monitored for contractions which I was having, not that I could tell at all. The midwife had her fingers on my tummy and sounded rather surprised when I said I couldn't feel anything. On her advice we have also bought fresh pineapple and I'll be going to aquanatal again tonight. If nothing happens, I'm back into the day unit on Wednesday for more monitoring.

So early labour here I am. And here I may well be for several days...

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