om shanti om (wander_lost) wrote in novemberbabies,
om shanti om

The Eagle Has Landed

Our final update!!!

Jaeci (RIP little angel) lizardjee and miajaxmomma - September baby
Marlee wander_lost October baby
Juno venus_in_tweeds October baby
Audrey brandileigh77 November baby
Clementine espoir___ November baby
Ava txmom79 November baby

Jaxen lizardjee and miajaxmomma September baby
Robert tsimshian529 October baby
Connor tsimshian529 October baby
Nicandros azwildcat October baby
Aiden isis_raen October baby
Dali octopusgrrl November baby
Levi beguilingdreams October baby
Alexander ias December baby

Congratulations mommas. As a group we have spanned a four month period and been through quite a bit: the happiness of our births, the loss of a little one - babies who came early and babies who made later appearances...but I am so proud of all of us and our beautiful babes. I hope people keep posting updates on motherhood and their little ones here, as I feel very interested in all these babes and their lives after reading about their growth and arrivals for the last 10 months! Love and light to all you mommas!!
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