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om shanti om


Hi ladies!

I hope all the babes from November are doing well. This community is pretty dead, I am sure we are all very busy - but I would love to do a quick "where are they now" sort of update post, so if anyone is interested in sharing, feel free to email me your info and I will create a nice post for all to see:

how old is baby?
how big?
sleeping well?
if you are still breastfeeding, how is it going?
eating any solids?
What milestones have we reached?
Favorite thing your baby does or to do with your babe?
For most of you I know these were first babes, so is motherhood what you expected? What do you like best or find the hardest?
For those of us who have added another child to our brood, how does that affect your life?

I'd like to have the info posted here by, say, Monday? feel free (please do!) to include pics and I will post them! Looking forward to hearing about all our precious babies!!

Send your info to
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